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Comprehensive Website Audit


A Complete Health Check of Your Website

A website audit is an in-depth analysis of your website. We review everything from branding efficacy to search engine ranking, content and SEO, and how users experience the design and functionality of your site.

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Is Your Website Performance Holding you Back?

It’s time to improve your site fitness with a comprehensive website audit.

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A website that is boosting business and not losing leads


A WordPress professional in your pocket


No second-guessing if your website is up-to-date


Practical solutions to improve your site and grow your business


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What Is Included In Your Digital Audit?


10-page audit report

This is a detailed analysis of your site that includes a review of the following: Design Elements, Goals & Conversion, Content & SEO, Lead generation, Technical performance, and speed, Mobile responsiveness.


Pre-Launch Checklist

The pre-launch checklist highlights key elements that should be included in your site prior to launching your WP website. 


Video Consultation

We walk you through all areas of the audit, showing you each part of the process and clarifying areas that need improvement. Your final audit report will include our notes and recommendations for changes.

Get Your Complete Audit of Your Website Performance and SEO for Only $267

Helping you transform your business through improved web design. Our website audit guarantees your site is driving sales and growing your business.