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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it really that important for my website to be up to date?

It is! As consumer trends change, so should your website. Today’s audience is looking at your site not just while sitting at a computer, but also from their phone. An outdated design means your website on mobile is likely too slow, hard to read, and easy to skip over in favor of the next website on the list.

Consumers are also eager to get the most up to date information. If you haven’t published a blog in three years or your website reads “Copyright 2009,” your audience is more likely to move on, leading to a high bounce rate and the loss of customer engagement and interaction. Keeping your website up to date also keeps your website reputable and trustworthy.

What are the maintenance costs of a website?

We offer three different website support packages that begin as low as $197/month. Each package includes monthly backups, performance reports, as well as plugin, content, and design updates. Monthly support availability is also included at different increments depending on your maintenance package.

Do you host websites?

We do offer website hosting! If you are just getting started with your business website and don’t already have an established web presence, we can help you from start to finish! We offer packages that include designing and building your website, as well as hosting, monthly maintenance, and even content marketing to get your business on the map!

Can I see the design before you build it?

Absolutely! Once we complete your customer intake and initial consultation, we go away and do a little design magic. Then, we present you with designs based on the consultation, your goals, and our design and branding expertise. We discuss what you like or don’t like, what works, and if any changes need to be made. We stay in constant contact with you throughout the process. Once the design is right, we begin building your website!

Do you work with lots of local companies?

We do and we love it! While our services can (and do) benefit businesses across the globe, we love partnering with companies in our own backyard! Not only is it an honor to support other local businesses, but our own experience of the people and places in our community also allows us to better serve our local customers.

What is it like to work with Hanna Landis Designs?

We like to think it is a lot of fun to work with us (wink, wink). And most of our clients would seem to agree (whew)! We start every project with a face-to-face, video call so that we can get to know each other and hear your business goals in your own words. We also have several core values that influence our work with you: Integrity, service, and communication. We work with every client to establish clear deadlines, keep projects on task, and provide the best product for your business. We make it our priority to listen to your goals and help you achieve them with high-quality digital business solutions. 

Do you provide web support after the site launch?

Yes! We provide several options for ongoing website support both through our web design packages and also through our monthly support packages. Whether we built and launched your site or it is already on the web, we have a website support option for your business.

Still, need help? Email us at [email protected]