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Using the right keyword can boost your website traffic and make your business appear on google’s first page. The additional benefit of keyword targeting is that it will turn the visitors into paying customers and will more likely bridge the gap between leads and sales.”

Keyword density is a crucial aspect of building successful, on-page SEO. There are a number of reasons why search engine optimization depends on the intelligent use of keywords. One of the obvious reasons is creating an edge for your business and defining your target audience. While that is also attained through the topics of your web pages, a torrent of digital marketers believe that there are huge benefits to using relevant keyword targeting and keyword density. These benefits include better positioning of your unique product or service.

This article takes an in-depth look at the impact of keyword density when it comes to SEO.


What Is Keyword Density?

First of all, when we speak about the phrase “keyword density,” density signifies the number of times a keyword is placed in a piece of content. This includes both wepages and blogs posts. Before writing a blog post, decide on the high-ranking keyword or focus keyphrase you plan to include in your article. If your piece is composed of 500 words, for instance, use a focus keyword at least 5 times. Your overall keyword density will grow to 5%.

Keyword Density and Your Business

Here’s an example: Let’s say you own a business of custom, handmade shoes. Furthermore, you recently started a website to let the world know about your one-of-a-kind business. A focus keyword could be “Best handmade shoes” or “Handmade shoes in Ontario.” If you are using a plugin like Yoast for your website, the keyword density check will determine how many times those two keywords appear in the complete text. Also, this type of assessment notifies you if the keywords are used appropriately or irrelevantly stuffed.

As a result, the search engine ranks your page based on your keyword usage. It identifies whether your web page is useful to a candidate eagerly searching for your type of product or service. The best tactic to become a winner in the eyes of search engines is to have a keyword density level of two to three percent. This applies to each page or post on your website.


Why are Keywords Important?

Some of the best, local SEO companies throughout Tacoma rave about keyword density. It is the science behind any content going viral. Search engines, like Google, aim to serve their users with the most relevant answer to their query. Google checks for keyword density, among other things, to dig up the best answer from a wide array of content on the internet.

Choose a Focus Keyword

To get a search engine to recognize and choose your website, you need to use the right keywords. Every keyword tells the search engine what your page, or blog, is about. This is one reason to choose a focus keyword. First of all, it helps you stay focused on your subject. Secondly, it helps you build information that drives maximum user engagement.

Focus keywords, like the examples given above, should relate to your business, your service, your area, or a specific topic on your blog. Once you have a focus keyword, including it in your content is easy.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

After setting your focus keyword, multiple checks in the Yoast SEO plugin help your web page stay on track. These checks tell you if your text is optimized for the key phrase. Similarly, the keyword density indicator lets you know how often you mention your focus phrase or word in your text. You do, however, need to regulate the keyword usage. If you overdo it, Google might see this as keyword stuffing.


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