If you are interested in growing your company and adding credibility to your brand, then your small business needs a website. Numerous opportunities are lost every day when you are not available online.

Having a website for your small business is not just about selling online. It’s about being available and genuine with your customers as well as reaching and growing with new clients.

Here are a few things your business misses out on by not having a website:

New Customers, New Sales

Probably the most obvious reason to be online is to expand your small business’s reach. More than likely, your competitors are already online, so what’s stopping you? Your physical location should no longer prevent you from reaching new audiences.

Customers are already online waiting to connect, and all you have to do is reach out. And, with this expanded reach, you will see new customers and new sales. Now, who doesn’t want that for their business?

Control & Validity of Your Brand

If your business doesn’t have a website, you’re missing the opportunity to manage and validate what is being said about you online.

If people are talking about your business online, you want to be able to respond to the negative and appreciate the positive. Let people know that you care. If they know you want to connect with them, they will be more likely to engage with you both in person and on your website! Showing that your business is personable, responsible, and available adds credibility to your name.

Everyone knows that people highly value customer reviews, but being able to respond and react to those reviews brings a new level of interaction that clients and customers love.

Online Marketing of Your Small Business

Marketing your small business online is cheaper and easier than any traditional marketing. Your outreach will be much wider, and you will be able to target audiences for way less money than buying ad space in your local publication. Plus, it’s more likely these days that your customers have their eyes on their phones and not the paper! The average American spends up to 11 hours using their phone!

If Internet marketing is not where you want to spend your dollars, your website can still help your traditional marketing. Use your site as an informational hub to which you direct your traditional marketing collateral! 

Business Exposure

Even if you’re not looking to expand your business or have a large customer base, having a website gives you exposure. With more customers leaning towards online shopping, people expect you to be online, so you should be.

Now that 87% of shoppers begin their search online, you don’t want to be missing from those search results. Even if you do not offer an online shopping experience, showing up in the results with information about your business is enough to a potential customer’s eye.

People are shopping, communicating, and exploring, online now more than ever (and the trend looks like it’s going to stay that way).

So, what’s stopping you? It’s time to take your small business online! Don’t miss out on sales, interest, and credibility only because you don’t know how to create your website. Let me help you! I can do all of the work for you or even just push you in the right direction.

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