Running a small business isn’t easy. If you’re referencing this article then you probably already know that! There are bills to pay, tasks to complete, clients to tend to, and mundane tasks that seem to pile up continually. Staying organized is more than just tidying your office; it’s about creating systems that are managed easily and help to create an organized and efficient work atmosphere. By implementing the three strategies below, you’ll be able to keep your small business running efficiently.

Schedule Your Tasks 

Using the right productivity tools for your business is pertinent to staying organized. Scheduling your week means finding a way to map out your deadlines for the near and far future so that they don’t sneak up on you. We’ve created this helpful weekly planner for you so that all you have to do is fill in your weekly tasks. Your tasks can be team deadlines, company goals, personal to-dos — or a combo of all three! Writing it all down and having it in a weekly visual planner will help you see what’s coming so that you are prepared for the week.

Clean Up Your Computer

Are your emails piling up, your desktop cluttered and your documents astray? Being able to reference documents, files, and emails quickly is an integral part of running your small business efficiently and smoothly. Start with your desktop — create a virtual file system so that you can grab images and documents quickly when you need them. This includes renaming documents when needed and filing them in organized folders. Next, go through your emails! Delete messages that you no longer need, unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters, and prioritize what still needs to be done.

Maintain Your Small Business Website

Just like staying on top of the clutter on your desktop and in your office, maintaining your website is a key way to keep your small business organized.  Slow load times, old photos, and bad metadata are just a few things that can deter customers and keep you from getting new business. But don’t worry!, You don’t have to do this yourself. You can check that off of your weekly to-do list when you leave maintaining your website in our own hands. With our affordable website maintenance packages, we will make sure that your security, is working, images, and content are all up to date. Plus we will take care of testing your site and handling improvements when necessary. Click here to schedule a consultation!

Organize Your Physical Space

Staying on top of your computer organization and weekly scheduling is only useful when your physical workspace is also organized. Your time management, reporting, and client tasks will all flow smoothly when your workspace is clutter-free. A good rule of thumb is to spend the last 5 minutes of your day clearing out the day’s mess so that you start fresh the next morning. You’ll find you spend less time shuffling through papers and looking for physical items when you have systems in place in your office. Small Business Trends explains a Harvard study that proves my point!

To wrap up this topic, keeping your small business organized doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful. Taking a few minutes out of each day or week to plan your time, organize your computer, and declutter your physical space will allow you to work more quickly and efficiently. And faster and more systematic work means more time for the things you love to do most!