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Hi, I’m Hanna.

Freelance Web Designer & Developer

Freelance Web Design

Looking for a fresh approach to your client’s website projects? I partner with agencies to bring high-quality web design and development to your clients when you need it most. 

Web Maintenance

Do you already have a website? Get monthly maintenance and support to ensure your site is secure and running smoothly.

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Website Design

This is my pièce de résistance. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve designed and built over 60 + websites on WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify for brands and agencies across the US. I’m overly fond of CSS, HTML, and the occasional query. 

Website Design

Every business deserves a site that stands. Why leave your website to chance with drag and drop templates when you can provide your users with a dazzling digital experience (and sell more stuff at the same time)? That’s the power of web design.

Branding & Logo Design

A stunning website starts with an equally stunning brand. I use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and some fairy dust (shhh, I can’t give away all my secrets) to help companies brand or rebrand prior to launching into their web design project.

Content Strategy

The best results happen through collaboration, which is why I partner my digital marketing experience with creative writing experts. Together, we produce a content strategy and optimized content that is customized to your client’s business. The end result is creatively written content that does the work for them.


Website Development

For those moments when you need both a designer and developer for your client’s website, look no further. I build from scratch or help clients find the perfect template that allows for easy updates and maintenance.

Built From Scratch

In other words, a website built specifically for you! I offer completely customized websites for those brands that require a fresh approach to the digital landscape. From design to development, every element of the site is unique to you or your client. Your site will truly be one of a kind.

Choose a Premade Template

Let’s be honest, not everyone wants (or needs) a 100-page website built from scratch. Instead, I add custom CSS to the perfect premade template in order to achieve your client’s marketing goals. Premade templates can be a great option for brands needing development at a lower cost.

Maintenance & Updates

 Websites are never one and done. Monthly maintenance and security updates are a significant part of owning a website. Since I already know the ins and outs of the website we built together, let’s keep the partnership going! I’ll keep your site secure through monthly updates and ongoing maintenance.

My Process


Every project starts here! I sit down with your team to discuss the nitty-gritty details of the web design project. After some research and goal setting, we’re on our way.


This is where the magic unfolds. I talk my research, and the plan we developed as a team, and turn it into a wireframe to help clients visualize the end product. 



Before I hit “Publish” on the website, the client’s team and I review the design and decide how to refine it until it’s perfect. Then I go back to phase two 😉


Finally! It’s time for all of those designs and ideas to come together. I develop the design into an optimized website that makes your client’s business come to life.

Featured Work

Branding + Complete Redesign

For the Brave

For the Brave is a unique business with an altruistic spin. Their platform provides a space for businesses to advertise discounts for frontline workers such as firefighters, police, teachers, and healthcare professionals. I worked with them to rebrand their business and redesign their site with their new brand at the forefront. 

Branding + Web Design/Dev

Nurturing Nest Newborns

Angie Lewrew owner of Nurturing Nest Newborns came to me for a complete Business Package which included: Branding + Web design/Development. This project was a lot of fun and working with Angie was even more delightful. Love clients who know what they want and won’t settle for anything less!

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About Me

Hello! I’m Hanna. I’ve Been Building Websites for 12 Years

Since the beginning days as a freelance developer, I transformed Hanna Landis Designs from a hobby to a flourishing online business. Like many of my fellow creatives, I’m a self-taught designer who began my journey as a stay at home mom in need of a creative outlet. I started off in Photoshop designing invitations for friends and family and haven’t left the digital design world since! 

After honing my design and development skills through a job as the lead developer for a national revenue operation consulting firm, I decided to turn my skills into a business. In the midst of relocating from Texas to Tacoma, Washington, I dove headfirst into my new role as “kick-ass designer/entrepreneur/mom-boss.” From consulting firms and drilling companies to blogs and more, I discovered how much I love providing digital marketing services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Today, I partner with digital agencies in need of freelance web design and development. That means that your next big client project doesn’t look so scary because I’m on your team to help bring it to completion. I love collaborating and I love working alone (it’s a thing, I promise). I jive well with marketing and design teams who need a little extra website juju added into the mix. I work on both long-term contracts and one-off web design projects.

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I would like to greatly thank Hanna for the fast response to an order we placed during this difficult time. She didn’t even hesitate to help and deliver a professional, useful product for our community to use! Thank you so much!!

Stacey Kolkovich

Hanna was absolutely amazing to work with. She was very patient as we worked through some difficult and detail-oriented problems as well as my limited technical knowledge. She had great prices and went above and beyond to make sure everything g was just right. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone with website trouble of any kind. To top it off she messaged and said that she had run into a problem that might take some time and the next message I got said that she was finished even earlier than expected! Thanks, Hanna!!!

Roger Jones

Hanna is simply the best!! Creative, constructive, collaborate and best of all, truly a master of her craft. If you are looking for a service that can either launch your entire digital presence and brand from A-Z or just want to modernize your website, HLDesign Studio is absolutely your best bet! She has the perfect balance of blending the art (of branding and web design) with the science and technical skills of webpage construction. I would highly recommend her services!! Thanks Hanna!

Robert Wojehowski

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